Marie-Louise Schneider (*1993) - vocal artist, impovisor, musician, dancer

Approaches: In sensual play I search for fragilities and the pathetic. Fine translations, interweavings and confrontations with voice, language, body and violin in space form the core and the fringes of my work.

Is it thinking about it or being in it that attracts me?


With Christoph Schiller as a duo, they have created Lamento, a collaged music theatre around Monteverdi's Lamento d'Ariana. (premiere May 2, 2024)

Marie-Louise is currently working on:

-dichter innen raum

-Una (solo performance and album for voice, poems, violin)

Marie-Louise creates solo and collectively in the field of experimental, improvised music, music theatre, performance, multimedia and dance.

She is the founder and driving force behind the Tabula Rasa collective, which has already successfully staged 2 productions (Tabula Rasa, 2022, 1+2=3, 2023). The new production 3Geigen is being planned. The Tabula Rasa Kollektiv received the SuppArt award from Theater Palazzo Liestal for their first production Tabula Rasa.

She sings, speaks and plays the violin in the formation BRauchpoesie, with whom they toured Europe in 2023 with the new album Solche Sachen.

She is active in the duo Catalina Gutierrez - Marie-Louise Schneider, which is also dedicated to improvised music in combination with poetry and has released the debut album cendres de cannelle 2023.

Two of her solo performances were staged for the first time in 2023: Luftbrotmehl for voice and dance and Sonnenuhr for dance and soundtrack.

After a six-month studio scholarship in Berlin in 2021 from the Canton of Schaffhausen and various artist residencies, she self-released her first solo album Malou durch den Wind for poems and violin on vinyl. She received the Contempo Prize "Chance" 2021, in which she published a concert for reading in the Schaffhausen workers' newspaper during the Corona period. As a lover of polyphonic vocal music, she sings in the duo Seidenkord.

She was part of the program group for the first Schaffhausen Culture Days 2023.

In 2023, she was invited to Lichtenstein as an artist at the IBK International Lake Constance Conference on Improvisation.

She received valuable impulses in violin improvisation (2017) from Paul Giger, Iva Bittova (Masterclass, 2019), Biliana Voutchkova (Masterclass 2024), in contact improvisation (since 2017) from Katharina Lüssi, Muriel Mollet, Adrian Russi and many more and thought with Marianne Schuppe as outer ear/eye in voice and movement about the basic/interrelationships. Since 2021 she has been training regularly in professional contemporary dance (Berlin and Basel).

She spends a lot of time reading and studying poetry and prose. She writes poetry.

She offers singing lessons and vocal improvisation workshops (body-focused) in Basel.

Since 2017 she has worked as a music and movement teacher (primary music school, rhythmics, children's dance, choir) at various (music) schools in Schaffhausen, Winterthur, Steckborn and Riehen. She is currently a vicar in Basel.


MA of arts specialized Performance Improvisation, major in singing (with Alfred Zimmern, Fred Frith, Andrea Neumann), Musikakademie Basel, 2019-2021

BA of arts music and movement/rhythmics, vocal major (with Sylvia Nopper), Bern University of the Arts, 2014-2017

Pre-study 2 years classical singing (with David Thorner), Winterthur Conservatory, 2011-2012, 2013-2014

Matura with immersion profile S, classical language, cantonal school Schaffhausen, 2007-2011