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Marie-Louise Schneider (voice, Violin, poetry)

Sylvain Monchocé (bassflute, gayageum, sax)

Emiliano Salvatore (guitar, fx)


In BRauchpoesie, sometimes a text triggers landscapes that will guide the improvisation, other times the sounds inspires clusters of words that unfold in a text. Then softly performative and infantile moments arise amidst great tension and, thus, the simultaneous solos, the imitations, the possible responses from one sound to another, occasionally give a polyphonic character to the relationships within the trio. However, and despite the great richness of timbre that its members contribute, with a playful and relaxing energy a search for a sound meeting point finds place, an allowing point to be able to take refuge and at the same time regain strength to leave again, what makes the music sound strange and yet, captivating.


War zu Gast bei: Jazzfestival Schaffhausen, Hot Club Gent, Madame Claude Berlin, theatre Haekem Brüssel, Taptab Schaffhausen, la voirie Biel


Geräuschhaft, intim, zart

Ich erzähle dir was

Die Klarheit der Stimme verschmilzt mit der Flöte und den Obertönen der Gitarre.


Die Gitarre und das Gayageum sind eins im Reichtum der Klangfarben.


Sanft performativ, entstehen in großer Spannung kindliche Momente.

So so

In einer spielerischen, wohltuenden Energie mutet es seltsam und doch fesselnd an.

Solche Sachen


Weitere Formationen:

Emiliano Salvatore (guitar, fx)  und Marie-Louise Schneider (voice, Violin, fx)


Lorena Izquierdo, Emiliano Salvatore, Marie-Louise Schneider:


Sylvain Monchocé und Marie-Louise Schneider